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Blk Shaft ext

Available in Natural and Black. 

Available in 4inch and 6inch with aluminum Radial Pin. 

All other Joint Diameter and Pins special order only. 

Must be priced accordingly

Made out of Maple.  

Jacoby Glove

Jacoby Playing Glove

Open Finger

Left Hand and Right Hand

Medium, Large Extra Large, 2XL and 3XL

We are currently sold out XS and Small....   These run Small so a Medium is a normal Size Small


Please Specify Size and Which Hand the Glove is for

***  If you are right handed you would normally use a left hand glove  ***

JP Holder

Jacoby Custom Cues Joint Protector 

Nat Shaft ext

Available in Natural and Black.

Available in 4" and 6" with aluminum Radial Pin.  

All other Joint Diameter and Pins special order only.

Must be priced accordingly

Made out of Maple.


Talc powder bags are convenient little bags that hold talc powder to keep your hands chalked and dry.


Silky hand comes in a 2 oz. bottle and is a clear liquid that dries fast and leaves your hands smooth and water proof.


The tip tapper is for tapping the top of your pool cue tip to scuff it and make it ready for chalking.


The tip burnisher gives your tip a smooth, hard edge to prevent mushrooming. It is tapered from 9 mm to 15 mm, so it will work for you regardless of what tip size you prefer.


The shaft slicker is used to clean and sand shafts. Inside a canvas like tube, there is a lightly abrasive pad. You slide it over the shaft and then rub it up and down to remove accumulated debris, leaving it clean and smooth.


Cue silk comes in a 1/4 oz bottle. It protects and conditions shafts. One application will leave your shaft like new and will leave no stains.


Q Clean keeps your cue in professional playing condition. Use Q Clean to quickly remove dirt, oils, and stubborn stains from the surface and wood pores of your cue. Restores the shaft's original appearance and satin smooth finish. 1 oz.


Sil kleen is a 1 oz bottle of instant shaft cleaner. It quickly removes build up of dirt, talc, chalk and more from the pores and surface of the pool cue shaft. It restores the shaft to the original appearance and silky smooth feel.


Pool gloves are made to help the cue slide smoothly and accurately over the player's bridge hand. It reduces the amount of friction which makes your stroke more consistent and accurate. Available in a variety of colors and one size fits all.


 Jacoby Cue Shaft Straightener


Jacoby Cues Weight Kit

  • Tee Handle Wrench
  • .3oz Bolt
  • .7oz Bolt
  • 1.1oz Bolt
  • 1.5oz Bolt
  • Butt Bumper


 Heavy Hitter Weight Bolt Kit

0.7 oz
1.5 oz
2.1 oz
2.9 oz
3.6 oz
4.2 oz
Heavy Hitter Bumper